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      Strategic "CSR" as a competition factor....

                                                                            Rainer Tüxen

TexPro Consult was founded in 2006 as an independent consulting firm with long time practical experience in Textile Machinery Industry, Textile Dyes and Chemistry Industry as well as Textile Finishing Industry. The close contact to our customers worldwide is providing the confidence in implementation of customised solutions.

In addition TexPro Consult is cooperating with an established partner in the field of MICROFILTRATION ("cross flow" membrane filtration) for specific compact and decentralised process solutions in the Textile Industry as well as the Metal Working Industry (part cleaning/degreasing).

The focus of TexPro Consult is to assist the medium management in optimisation of production processes and investment planning and to implement systems for on-line control and monitoring of industrial processes. The road to success is to train all levels of medium management down to the operator to get the expected savings and quality improvement. This process is supporting "CSR" (Corporate Social Responsibility).  

The company has contacts in all important industrial countries worldwide.

TexPro Consult  
Rainer Tüxen

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